Why Targetprocess is better than Trello? Part I.

Trello is a really cool tool. It is simple, fast and helpful. And free! You can create boards for everything: Hiring, Product Development, Customer Requests, Personal ToDo, etc. Trello has a solid mobile support, real-time collaboration, passionate community and many add-ons.

However, with company growth, you start to feel limitations. You want to see cards better, customize what you see and what you don’t see. You want to manage 100+ cards easily, without constant scrolling. You want functionality that previously you didn’t need, like time tracking, sorting and more.

Targetprocess solves many problems that Trello can’t solve. However, it comes with a cost. Targetprocess is more complex and has some learning curve. Are you ready to put some effort to overcome Trello limitations? You decide.

Information Density

Trello is not designed to work with huge amount of data. If you have a board with at least 100 cards it looks quite messy. No zooming, no collapsing, limited filtering. You don’t know the solution maybe, but you feel that something doesn’t feel right.


In Targetprocess you can collapse columns and see cards as small boxes. You can hover on boxes to see additional details. You can even drag and drop these small cards into other columns. Collapsing helps you to hide information quickly.


Moreover, you can zoom in and out to see more or less details on cards. If you have 10+ cards in a column that may be extremely handy. Just compare the picture above with the picture below:


Let’s take a more complex case. Sometimes you have a huge backlog with 100+ cards. Not good, but happens. How to manage it in Trello? it is really hard I should say.

Let’s take a look into Targetprocess. Here you see a Kanban board. It looks like backlog management is bad here as well. You see just 7 cards from backlog, while the other 121 cards are hidden.


Now let’s focus on just two columns: Planned and In Dev. You see much more cards on a single screen and can do something with them: set priorities, move into development, etc.


Still it is hard to skim through backlog in this view. People like to skim lists, not 2D boards. No problem, zoom in to see cards in a list-like mode:

imageCan you imagine doing this in Trello?

Next time I will show you some killer features in Targetprocess like multiple selection and batch drag and drop, powerful filters, sorting and swimlanes.

New UI (Disaster) in VersionOne

I respect VersionOne. It is the oldest Agile Project Management Software on the market. It nailed many things right, and in general the tool is very scalable and powerful. But they don’t get UX. We didn’t get it either several years ago, but we caught up and all the new stuff we do in TargetProcess is cool. We have tons of problems in the old functionality, but our new releases are so much better.

UX is something V1 still don’t get. Here is an example of new UI in V1 (Compare it with the same functionality that we re-designed in TargetProcess recently). I’d call it a UI disaster.

There are so many problems with this screen. Information is presented in 2 columns without clear logical separation. You’ll get hard time to remember what is where.

Description in the middle? Why the hell it is in the middle? If you have a page of text, all the details below will be completely hidden.

The page looks boring. It is not clear what’s important and what’s not. 

If you scroll down, the page looks like a mess. There are so many UI elements and they do everything to hide useful content from you.

You can’t edit anything inline. If you click Edit link you get… a new window! It is a huge mistake to open the third window. 

Three years ago I’d say it was OK to have this UI. Now I can’t tolerate it. It was a re-design! It was promoted and advertised as The Best UI in Agile! The Best UI in Agile? Are you kidding me? I’d better keep silent about that.