IO.People Classification

Published 8 Nov 2016 by Michael Dubakov

This post is an attempt to create a classification of how people consume information and how it affects their work.

Void: No input > No output


This person is a master of ignorance. He doesn’t read books that contain new knowledge, he doesn’t visit conferences, doesn’t watch videos, doesn’t do online courses. He stops learning right after graduation with a strong belief that he learnt everything he needs (and probably he’s right). 

If he reads something — it’s a fiction. It he watches something — it’s a TV-show or a blockbuster. If he visits YouTube channel — it’s Fail Army. All incoming information validated for a single purpose — entertain. Validation filter becomes very advanced with time and around forties there is close to zero chance to let new information in.

This type of person doesn’t do much. His work is usually unchallenging and somewhat repetitive. He likes huge corporations where political games and dark corners of ancient divisions allow to survive and even move up the ladder sometimes. 

Hot spot: Middle manager. 

Gut: Some input > Action output


Learn almost nothing, but somehow do things quite OK. Has supernatural ability to absorb information from the world via osmotic communication. He learns by doing and hates theoretical discussions. However, he do like examples and can somewhat generalize based on them. 

Hot spot: Middle QA engineer.

Abyss: Input > No output


This is a weird personality. He reads about everything and knows quite a lot. Unfortunately, all the knowledge carefully kept inside. He is quite lazy and doesn’t like challenging tasks. The information inside puts pressure on his mind. He always unhappy about everything and usually grumpy. Life sucks. Existential crisis is real. 

Hot spot: Bench.

Sponge: Input > .Squeeze > Output


Absorbs information like a sponge. In some special mood can be quite productive, but he should be squeezed to shine. Direct orders, gentle pushes, flattery and all other manipulations are acceptable to help Sponge overcome his laziness or modesty.

This person can become a real star if he meets a good mentor in his early job positions. 

Hot spot: mentor

Doer: Input > Actions


Learn new things, but in general filter out everything that doesn’t evidently relate to his job. Likes to read books about technology, something similar to ASP.NET 5.0 or Java 8 in Action. Don’t like deep discussions, since they quickly show his narrow focus and it’s not pleasant to feel that way at all.

Hot spot: Developer

Spreader: Input > Information


Reads a lot about everything. Talks and writes about everything he learnt. Promotes learning. Has a blog (often more than one). Visits conferences and do talks about some quite abstract things. LOVES meetups. Likes to participate in discussions about everything and never gives up.

However, somewhat lacks practicality and doesn’t like do things by hands. 

Hot spot: Mentor or Serial entrepreneur

Master. Input > Information and Action


Balanced personality. Learns theory and practice to have a full picture. Know how to focus and cut himself from the noise around. Likes everything: write code, solve problems, write articles and books, help people, do talks. Sometimes this enthusiasm to be everywhere leads to burnout, so he have to do physical exercises and have a good family to keep the energy past forties. 

Hot spot: Lead

Plum. Input > ACTION

Unique personality type that belongs to few humans on Earth. Maybe you are lucky enough to know them. I do. However, somehow they do sell random stuff. Nobody knows why.

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