Dev documentation platform

If you need to create and share documentation for developers (API, etc), looks like a good choice. 


  • Very fast and easy web site creation
  • Easy content management (articles creation, etc), code formatting, navigation
  • API reference is an interesting thing that allow to run requests and see response right away
  • Integrated forum (very basic, though, but may be enough)
  • Suggestions from documentation users.


  • Tables editing and creation is a real pain
  • Very strange markdown language
  • Themes customization could be easier.

Overall, I can recommend, it looks like the best option so far. 

Interestingly, there are just a few options on the market, so I think it is an interesting opportunity to start a new product in this niche. I’d want to have a more integrated product that feeds documents from various places, like GitHub, and aggregates docs in a single usable platform.

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