tau-conf #4

We run internal conferences every 6 months. Next one is big enough to have 2 days conference. Here is the program:

tau 4 #all (10 sessions) / day 1
10:00 Gamification. Using game elements in management, marketing, etc. Personal experience from support team / S. Gnedin
10:30 Professional deformation / A. Kovaleva
10:50 coffee break
11:00 Feedback Loops / U. Petriko
11:45 Value-Driven Development (How I run my cozy project using tp3). How to do the right things / A. Parasiatsyeu
12:30 lunch
13:30 Probability Theory for Dummies / A. Shnyukova
14:30 coffee break
14:45 Agile Portfolio Management / D. Borovsky
15:15 Enneagram as a tool of right communication / N. Yadrentseva
16:15 coffee break
16:30 Intro into Game Development / V. Gaidukevich
17:15 coffee break
17:30 How to choose the right chart for your data / O. Seriaga
18:00 Visual Specifications. Why most specifications suck and how to improve them / M. Dubakov

tau 4 #dev (6 sessions) / day 2
11:00 Nature of concurrent and distributed programming. Basic principles of concurrent and distributed programming, their formal foundation, examples on programming languages / A. Shotkin
12:00 coffee break
12:15 Applicative Functors, Monoids and Monads — who are they? With examples in haskell / S. Truhtanov
13:00 lunch
14:00 JavaScript VM / K. Krivlenia
14:45 coffee break
15:00 Intro to Lambda-calculus. Theoretical foundations of functional programming / U.Abramchuk
16:00 coffee break
16:15 New APIs in your browser. Less known features of modern browsers (DOM traversing without jQuery, CSS selectors, Web Components, a little of ES6) / A. Shytkin
17:00 coffee break
17:15 Formal verification. How to write programs to verify other programs / A. Famin

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