My new article about software development future

No one knows the exact how-to of writing great software fast, that’s the problem. Waterfall passed away at the crossing of 2 centuries, whereas new software development methodologies (agile) fail at solving the fundamental problems so far. We’re living in very interesting times. Software development industry grows fast right here, right now, and the foundation for a quantitative leap is building up.

My new article about software development future

New UI (Disaster) in VersionOne

I respect VersionOne. It is the oldest Agile Project Management Software on the market. It nailed many things right, and in general the tool is very scalable and powerful. But they don’t get UX. We didn’t get it either several years ago, but we caught up and all the new stuff we do in TargetProcess is cool. We have tons of problems in the old functionality, but our new releases are so much better.

UX is something V1 still don’t get. Here is an example of new UI in V1 (Compare it with the same functionality that we re-designed in TargetProcess recently). I’d call it a UI disaster.

There are so many problems with this screen. Information is presented in 2 columns without clear logical separation. You’ll get hard time to remember what is where.

Description in the middle? Why the hell it is in the middle? If you have a page of text, all the details below will be completely hidden.

The page looks boring. It is not clear what’s important and what’s not. 

If you scroll down, the page looks like a mess. There are so many UI elements and they do everything to hide useful content from you.

You can’t edit anything inline. If you click Edit link you get… a new window! It is a huge mistake to open the third window. 

Three years ago I’d say it was OK to have this UI. Now I can’t tolerate it. It was a re-design! It was promoted and advertised as The Best UI in Agile! The Best UI in Agile? Are you kidding me? I’d better keep silent about that.