Taucraft Conference #2 is coming

June 17

10:31 Agile Development Trends     …Michael Dubakov /ALL

11:55 How to Use Twitter Effectively     …Olga Kouzina /ALL

12:25 Coffee Break  

12:35 REST     …Alex Fomin & Alla Pogotskaya /DEV

13:20 Lunch  

14:05 TRIZ     …Alex Tsayun /ALL

14:55 Problem Frames     …Valentine Palazkov /DEV

15:55 Coffee Break  

16:05 Book Review. Interface. J.Raskin     …Nadia Bulynia /ALL

16:25 Continuous Delivery     …Eugene Khasenevich /DEV

17:25 Coffee Break  

17:35 Video. The best stats you’ve ever seen     …Hans Rosling /ALL

17:55 Video. Language as a Window into Human Nature     …Steven Pinker /ALL

18:05 Munchkin 2. Beer. After-party (sex, drugs & rock-n-roll)

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