Hire With Your Head

Lack of clear expectations is one of the biggest causes of employee turnover and poor performance

Focus on the _doing_, not the _having_ (skills), to improve hiring accuracy

As long as the compensation package is reasonable, most top people don’t consider it the number-one criteria

Success = Talent * Energy2 + Team Leadership + Comparable Past Performance + Job-Specific Problem Solving

The best ppl consistently deliver more results than expected, and they do it on time, all the time.

Accurate interviewing is abt peeling the onion & digging deep in2 an accomplishment, not asking bunch of clever questions 

Don’t settle for anything less than high energy, good team skills, & a good dose of talent or the ability to learn

Job change is a strategic decision based on opportunity and growth, not just a tactical decision based on salary

The team is a very important consideration for a top person. 

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