Lean and Kanban Software Development Digest

Work In Progress (WIP)

Lean and Kanban software development adoption is growing. More and more companies setup Kanban Boards, limit WIP and eliminate Muda.

This collection of links will help you understand all that buzz around Lean/Kanban and decide whether it is worth trying. I’ve read all the articles and posts below, so this list is a truly selected thing ;).

Articles and Blog Posts

  • Lean Software Development. Wikipedia summary about lean software development. It is a good start to digg into the topic (as usual).
  • Kanban Development Oversimplified. Most likely the best article to start with Kanban. Very clear, very detailed. Good work!
  • Kanban, Flow and Cadence. This blog post with many nice pictures describes three important properties of Lean: Kanban – Controlled Work, Flow – Effective Work, Cadence – Reliable Work.
  • Scrum-ban. Interesting attempt to mix Scrum and Kanban, taking the best from both worlds. Kanban with iterations is possible.
  • Beyond Scrum: Lean and Kanban for Game Developers. Article describes real Lean/Kanban implementation for game development industry. The section on how to improve The Flow (3 strategies: Time-boxing, Levelling workflow, Reduce waste) is especially good.
  • Adventures In Lean. Series of posts about Lean approach with focus on real problems solving (handling bugs and emergency fixes in Kanban, setup pipeline, bottlenecks, etc.).
  • Lean and Kanban. Several posts on the topics in this blog.


Lean/Kanban Blogs

  • Agile Management Blog. Lots of interesting posts from David J. Anderson (well known engine of Lean software development 🙂
  • Richard Durnall Blog. Pull and Push systems, interviews, lean roots and principles. Nice reading with hand-drawn diagrams.
  • Lean Software Engineering. Corey Ladas and Bernie Thompson are blogging about Lean, Scrumban and Kanban, Theory of Constraints, software development and other topics you did not even hear about.
  • AvailAgility. Karl Scotland’s posts are very interesting (and helpful) to read. Isn’t Kanban just a Task-board? Check the blog to get an answer.
  • The Agile Executive. Many insights into Kanban and summaries from the first lean conference.
  • Software Just in Time. Lean concepts and real lean applications posts by Alisson Vale.

Lean/Kanban People in Twitter

  • David J. Anderson. Lean/Kanban software development pioneer.
  • Corey Ladas. Product development methodologist. Author of Scrum-ban book.
  • Henrik Kniberg. Optimize, debug & refactor IT companies. Author of Scrum vs. Kanban presentation (which is very good!)
  • Karl Scotland. Agile Coach. He runs AvailAgility blog with great insights into Lean and Kanban.
  • Rob Lally. Renaissance Technologist.
  • Alisson Vale. Alisson implemented outstanding Kanban process in his company.


There are just several Kanban tools on the market. To be honest, I don’t like TRICHORD UI. LeanKit: Kanban looks much better, but it can work for small teams only on my opinion. Anyway, it seems Kanban tools vendors’ race just began.

If you know other tools that support Kanban, drop a comment and I’ll happily include them into the list.

  • LeanKit: Kanban. In beta so far, but looks quite neat. Maybe useful for small teams.
  • TRICHORD. Desktop project management application with Kanban boards.
  • Radtrack. Registration does not work, but I found the screenshot via Google. Looks like LeanKit so far.

Did I miss something interesting? Drop a comment!

4 thoughts on “Lean and Kanban Software Development Digest”

  1. Hey Michael,

    Thank you for including my post in this list! I'm happy to see that you think my thoughts and understanding are on par with the other great articles, blogs, and authors that you've linked to – many of which were directly influential in my writing. 🙂



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