Friday’s Digest #6 [Scrum, Crisis, Web 2.0]

  • Is there an alternative to Scrum of Scrums? Will Read proposes Mesh network as a Scrum of Scrums replacement. Looks interesting as an information exchange flows in an organization.
  • After The Crisis: A Parody of 15 Corporate Logos. Apple logo is very funny 🙂
  • Jeff Atwood thinks that web application should not follow desktop application design. “A web app that apes the conventions of a desktop application is attempting to cross the uncanny valley of user interface design. This is a bad idea for all the same reasons; the tiny flaws and imperfections of the simulation will be grossly magnified for users.”
  • Herb Sutter found two fallacies in Jeff’s post and think that this is a natural evolution. “Today, everyone writing rich Web 2.0 applications is doing their own thing, borrowing as best they can from Macs and Windows and others — but the results are all over the map, and will continue to be until there actually is such a thing as a UI standard for rich-GUI web applications.”

I tend to agree with Herb. I don’t feel bad when using web based app that looks familiar. And I definitely agree that in the future we will have several common frameworks for rich UI applications development with quite similar paradigms and interface concepts.

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