Friday’s Digest #4 [MS Project, Inventions, Crisis, Lean]

  • TIME’s posted Best Inventions of 2008. I wonder why LHC has 5th position…
  • Are you spending too much time planning? Traditional project management tools are really dangerous sometimes 🙂 Nice example how to not plan your project.
  • The End. The era that defined Wall Street is finally, officially over. “The way we thought about it was, ‘By shorting this market we’re creating the liquidity to keep the market going.’ ” “It was like feeding the monster,” Eisman says of the market for subprime bonds. “We fed the monster until it blew up.”
  • James Shore thinks that “Agile is failing all around us , and I’d hate for the failure of the fad to take down the truly useful ideas that we started with“. I tend to disagree. There were thousands failed software projects with traditional methodologies. And MS Project still the most popular PM tool over the world. Agile just should not be treated as a silver bullet.
  • How Kanban and time boxing may be applied for game development. Pretty detailed article. It shows that Kanban in fact may use a kind of iterations to line up work.

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