TargetProcess Free 5-Users Community Edition Available

We are excited to announce the availability of the Free Community Edition of TargetProcess!.

You may request and download On-Site version with 5-users licenses included.

The amazing thing is that the Community Edition has no restrictions at all! It is a full featured version (yes, you have ALL features included: integrated bug tracking, test cases management, subversion integration, time sheets, Web Services API, etc). Moreover, Community Edition has no expiration date – it is simply Free…forever!

We hope that TargetProcess Community Edition will help you to move your Agile development forward.

One thought on “TargetProcess Free 5-Users Community Edition Available”

  1. Great explanation of the applicability of tools, excel sheet for different phases of Software Project Management.

    I was just thinking should we have also used Bug/Defect/Issue Tracking in this sheet – will the results would have changed – this is the area where most of the small size tools and excel sheets are being used.

    Also, Risk tracking and stakeholder involvement tracking is important and people do use spreadsheets to manage this.

    Offshore Software Development


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