TargetProcess v.2.6 Released! (Using your “senses” to Iteration Planning? You bet! Now available in TargetProcess)

TargetProcess v.2.6 released today! We were targeting better user experience in the latest release. We took time to polish things and enhance the user interface by making it cleaner and easier to navigate. New iteration planning concept is just great, we are very excited about it! It visualizes the most important parameters of user stories and bugs such as effort and priority, thus providing real enjoyment during iteration planning sessions. You really feel user story effort and business value when making a decision about the assignment to iteration.

Inline editing in lists is an outstanding productivity feature. Double click on a row, change required info and simply hit Enter. No page reloads, no waiting! TargetProcess in many aspects is getting closer to usual desktop applications, which is far from reality in most of the web based apps out there.

There are many other smaller features that makes life easier like new filters, customizable inner lists, new chart, etc. We are continuing to improve TargetProcess usability to make it as easy to use as possible.

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