TP 2.0 (Agile Project Management Software) Public Preview

From now we are going to push new releases every other week (yep, we are doing 2 weeks iterations). Yesterday we have released second public preview of TP 2.0 (agile project management software). You may check it at
Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

This release includes the following features:

Simple Search

Programs Area

Latest Activities Control

Release Planning With User Stories

Planning and TimeTracking Tuning

Some features planned for latest iteration have not been implemented.
User Stories Drag And Drop Prioritization and Drag&Drop Performance Tuning

The main idea behind D&D performance improvement is re-write D&D, get rid of update panels and move all actions on UI. With current implementation D&D works not very good in IE with more than 100 entities (there is no such problem in FireFox though). New implementation will be really fast, prototype proved that.

In general, we expect that first General Availability release will be made in the middle of November. We still need three iterations to complete important functionality and make first release comparable with TP 1.7.

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