Look Inside TargetProcess v2.0 (Day by Day Blog)

As you maybe know, we are working on next version of our product TP v2.0
(agile project management software).
It is based on ASP.NET 2.0, AJAX and NHibernate. We think that our
experience, problems and solutions will be helpful for quite many people,
so we decided to share them.

Examples and insider information from real product development is always
an interesting thing. Very few companies willing to share their experience
for different reasons (fear of competitors, fear of customers, security).
We want you to know about our progress, our solutions
and our opinions about tools and practices.

So let me announce our new web site TargetProcess v2.0 Day by Day. It will contain
daily posts about TP 2.0 progress, architecture and so on, screenshots, code samples
and maybe some ready to use solutions like controls and frameworks. Check it out and
subscribe to the feed!

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