Ruby on Rails and J2EE

Interesting comparison of Ruby on Rails and J2EE. Author shows that J2EE application may be quite similar to RoR application (well, if you use Struts and Hibernate instead pure Servlets & EJB :). But code base of Ruby app is much more simpler and cleaner, and there is no XML configuration files!

Good news for C# lovers is that MonoRail project provides something similar (with Ajax support!). Promising, but I don’t like the idea to use NVelocity instead ASPX engine – component model works better for me.

One thought on “Ruby on Rails and J2EE”

  1. sorry, but that article just sux.
    It basically shows nothing of what “Enterprise Edition” is.
    OTOH it does not even show how a typical rails stack would be, i.e. multiple lighttpd/apache frontends connected to fastcgi processes, with eventually memcached processes.

    Nobody should be using Rails over webrick as a production environment, I’m afraid.
    Its performance would be just awful (it is not a webrick problem, is the interaction of rails and it that is problematic as of now)


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