Wicket – One more Java Web Component Framework

Wicket is one more component framework like Tapestry, JSF or ASP.NET. However, it’s light and very simple. Well, ASP.NET is simpler 🙂

One example (displays textarea with submit button and messages list):

public GuestBook()
 add(new CommentForm("commentForm"));
 add(commentListView = new ListView("comments", commentList)
     public void populateItem(final ListItem listItem)
         final Comment comment = (Comment)listItem.getModelObject();
         listItem.add(new Label("date", comment.getDate()));
         listItem.add(new MultiLineLabel("text", comment.getText()));

2 thoughts on “Wicket – One more Java Web Component Framework”

  1. ASP.net is not simpler when you have to type it by hand 😉

    The GUI painter aspect of ASP.net is pretty cool though, especially plugging third party components into your web page. Previewability usually sucks, as does the threading model.

    I think I’ll stick with Wicket though, as I tend to like to be more browser and platform independent. And of course, Wicket gives me full control over the markup and my Java code.


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