Ajax – New Way to Web Applications?

New way of web applications development has been introduced during the last year. It is called AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). The core of AJAX is JavaScript and XMLHttpRequest and the main purpose is that browser may exchange information with server without page reloads. It looks like rich-client application and looks really cool.

The idea is great, but I see some difficulties:
– JavaScript is a core element of AJAX and it will be complex for sure. It is hard to debug and maintain, so development will take more time
– There are no tools on the market and development will take more time
– Presentation will be mixed with markup. Sometimes this is not a big deal, but potential problems are there and maintenance may take more time
– The Ajax technology by itself is new, team will have to invent new ways designing application and this bleeding edge activity will definitely take more time.

So I don’t think many companies will adopt Ajax during the next few years. Time to market is critical and choosing Ajax putting any project under the serious risk. However, when the approach matures and some development tools appear – the technology has a chance to become a mainstream. We will se.

Very good link re: Ajax – examples, frameworks and articles

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