Using Blog for Project Management

During the last time a have constantly feeling that awareness about projects state is poor. Top management often doesn’t know project status and weekly reports don’t help. Yes, maybe project manager articulates some problems, but when discussion turns into details, there is a lack of information. This problem especially important for remote teams.

One of the solution is blog. Project manager or team lead may post all interesting events in project flow on a daily basis. Solved problems with brief solution description, new problems, feelings about progress and possible risks, personal thoughts about overall project status and so on.

Blog is informal, and I like it. This is a project diary with comments that holds all project’s history. During a “lessons learned” phase blog will help a lot.

Such blog definitely should have RSS feed and comments as a minimum. Sometimes RSS feed is even more usable than email notifications (depends on personality). The other useful feature might be an integration with project management system to insert direct links on user stories, bugs or documents.

As you maybe know, I am a lead of TargetProcess project – project management tool for agile teams. And the next release (v.1.3) will include TargetProcess:Blogger. Blogs are close to agile development.

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