TargetProcess:Suite v1.2 Coming Out. With Source Code? Oh, Yeah!

We are near to official release of TargetProcess:Suite v1.2 – Agile Project Management Software. The main aim of this release is to make application easier to use, so v1.2 includes dozens of small improvements like copy user story, list sorting and filtering and so on. We hope that usability will be much more better.

FireBird database support added (including embedded FireBird), so it is possible to not install database at all. Several people requested time tracking feature and it is implemented now as TimeTracking module. It could be just turned off if you do not want to track time.

Also, starting from this release, commercial open source version of TargetProcess:Suite will be available. We understand that TargetProcess may not fit all requirements and give our customers full rights to change everything in the system.

Check demo of TargetProcess:Suite 1.2 and let us know your impressions.

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