A Better Web Application Interface

Just read John Wilger’s article about Gmail app architecture. It seems like near future of web applications. GMail uses Javascript and XML to soften weakness of HTTP statelessness. New and interesting approach anyway.

One thought on “A Better Web Application Interface”

  1. At my last job, nearly 4 years ago, we (or rather, the other developer that I worked with) came up with a similar setup to allow a single web server to host a complex student testing application for up to 2,000 students at a time.

    The web page contained a Java applet that was responsible for rendering the HTML to the web page itself, and to manage things like time limits, automatic saving, etc. The server was basically a thin layer over the database, which simply handed out tests, and stored tests as they were completed (almost like having a public SQL Server).

    Overall, it worked extremely well. So well, in fact, that we got bought out and shut down within 6 months. That reminds me… if you’re going to be successful, don’t tell anyone.

    In any case, kudos to Gmail for the huge step forward!


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